The Bear Facts

The Cami Bear Urn Options

Cami Bears come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large bears.

They are a traditional style bear which is soft and cuddly to hold. There is a variety of fabrics to choose from for the embroidered tummy patch on the bear and the neck tie is a soft ribbon in a complimentary colour.

small cami bear with heart tin

Small Keepsake Bear

The Small Cami Bear is 37cm, has a heart tin included and comes in soft pink, baby blue and vintage brown. This small bear only has the feet embroidered.

keepsake bear with heart tin

Medium Keepsake Bear Urn

Designed to house a keepsake or small amount of ashes in the red heart-shaped tin, these memory bears offer families a wonderful option for holding onto their memories.

The tin, once filled, is tucked into the bear under the left arm, where there is a discreet zipper.

Available in either Vintage Brown, Soft Pink, or Baby Blue.

The Red Keepsake Heart Tin is 7cm wide and 3cm deep and it can hold up to a 1/4 cup of cremated ashes, or memorial keepsake items.

teddy bear urn with satin bag

Medium Teddy Bear Urn

Designed as a huggable cremation urn, these bears will hold up to 1.2kgs of cremated ashes. Stored in a satin drawstring bag and enclosed in the body of the bear through a zipper at the back, they offer a tangible, huggable memory of your lost loved one.

Available in vintage brown, soft pink and baby blue.

large memory bear australia

Large Teddy Bear Urn

The Large Teddy Bear Urn is the perfect huggable companion. Designed to hold up to 3.5kg of ashes. The bear has an embroidery patch on the tummy and the option to have a foot or both feet embroidered. This bear comes in vintage brown only and stands at 60cm.

Fabric Patterns

bereavement urn australia


bereavement urn australia


ashes urn australia


custom memory bear fabric


ashes urn supplier gold coast


ashes urn bear


urn for ashes


cremation urns australia


fabric 9


funeral ashes urn


plain memory bear