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Grieving the loss of someone you love takes time and is a different journey for everyone.

You will find yourself thinking of them, or listening to songs that remind you of them. All of these things may help, but some days you will need something more. Having a bear to hug, filled with your loved ones keepsakes or a portion of their ashes, may give comfort to a grieving heart and fill your arms with love.

“Grief is just love with no place to go”

Jamie Anderson

Cami Bear offer Teddy Bear Cremation & Memorial Urns for all ages, as teddy bears are a surprisingly wonderful source of comfort no matter how old we are. Whether you have lost a precious child, husband, wife, parent, grandparent, family member or a much loved family pet, the grieving process is an individual journey that takes time.

Cami Bear Cremation Urns are made with lots of love and may help to comfort you throughout your journey, filling your arms and allowing you to hold your loved one close when you need a hug.

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Personalise your bear with preferred colour options to preserve the memory forever

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Product Range

We offer  a range of small, medium and large bears in a variety of colours and customised options available

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Why Choose Our Remembrance And Bereavement Bears

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Cami Bear creates keepsake bears that allows you to store the ashes of your loved one or their treasured keepsakes, within a lovingly handcrafted teddy bear cremation urn. It’s a lovely way to be able to hold them in your arms and keep them close.

Cami Bears are made with lots of love and care and can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you would like your bear to hold a small to large portion of cremated ashes, photos or their treasured keepsakes.

Each bear is uniquely created with your choice of:

Colour of bear that best suits you

A heartfelt messages embroidered on a range of fabrics attached to the bears tummy

An option to have either or both feet embroidered. 

The option to have your bear made to hold a small or larger portion of ashes, or just keepsakes. 

Cami Bear Cremation Urns come in three sizes.

small cami bear urn australia

The small Cami Bear comes with a heart tin enclosed in the back of the bear for a small portion of a loved ones ashes or keepsakes and the option to have both feet embroidered.

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The Keepsake Bear has a heart shaped tin that fits within the bear. The ‘heart’ can hold keepsakes including jewellery, photos or other memories. The tin can also hold a small amount of cremated ashes. 

The teddy bear urn has a zip down the back of the bear which contains a satin drawstring bag with a sealed bag to hold up to 1.2kg of cremated ashes

large cami bear urn

The large teddy bear urn also has a satin drawstring bag in the back of the bear with a large sealed bag inside to safely contain the cremated ashes. This bear can hold up to 3.5kg of cremated ashes.

Once it is completed, your Cami Bear will be a beautifully crafted item, which we hope may help to comfort you throughout your healing journey, especially at times when you need a warm hug.
When ordering your memory bear for your loved grandparent, parent, spouse, child, baby, dear friend and even your beloved pet, we aim to take the stress out of ordering and allow you to focus on creating a memory that will last forever.

Each bear is lovingly created and professionally embroidered by Camille with your choice of a heartfelt message. Her heart is to create a special keepsake that reflects your loved one, so if there is something special you would like embroidered on your bears tummy or feet, please contact her with your ideas and she can help create something special to remember your loved one.

Why Cami Bear

About Cami Bear
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Camille Borgas made her first memory bear after the passing of her own mother. She realised the comfort her daughter found in having a physical bear to keep near as she grieved. This inspired her to offer the same solace to others going through heartbreak and loss. She handmakes each bear with love and care in the hope that it will provide a sense of peace to the family receiving it.

Camille continues making customised memory bears in the hope that she can make it just a little bit easier and more comforting for every person going on their own healing journey.

Camille understands the loss of a loved one and also the many families going through pregnancy & infant loss who have found comfort in having a memory bear as an urn for their babies ashes. In honour of these families, Camille donates 10% of monthly sales to Australian charities serving families experiencing pregnancy & infant loss.

Read more about and meet the creator of Cami Bear

Camille Cami Bear

Huggable Urns

When a loved one passes, we not only mourn the loss of a person, but the comfort of their embrace. Huggable urns let us feel a sense of that connection again, getting to still hold our loved one in our moments of need, and helping us heal.

Baby Urns

The loss of a baby, child or pregnancy leaves a longing in your life that you may not have experienced with another loss before. It’s often a sudden loss of someone who had so little time on this earth or with us, and finding a way to memorialise them and keep them close can help you in your grieving journey .

Pet Cremation Teddy Bears

If you’re mourning the loss of a beloved pet, Cami bears also make Pet Remembrance Bears to cherish your pets memory and still be able to have those amazing snuggles with them.

Camille Cami Bear

Cami Bear are pleased to be able to post Teddy Bear cremation urns to people around the world in need of comfort, including free shipping around Australia.


Camille will be in touch with you when your order is received to let you know when you can expect your order. Cami Bears are lovingly handcrafted for each family and no two bears are the same. Delivery time is approximately 21 days and subject to demand, but we will endeavour to have your bear on its way to you in as short a time as possible. Once it has been posted, you will be emailed with tracking details so you will know when it will be arriving in your arms.

Whether you’re an individual wanting to purchase your own bear, or you operate a business in the funeral or memorial industry and are looking for wholesale solutions, Camille is more than willing to assist you with your enquiry.

Please feel free to call her directly on +61400478814 or email her at camille@cami-bear.com. Alternatively you can complete the form on the contact us page.

The Cami Bear online store operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all messages go directly to the owner of the business, Camille, who can assist clients all over the world in need of a Cami Bear. Simply browse the online store today to choose your beautiful Cami bear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the turnaround time to receive my Cami Bear

As each bear is customised, the usual turnaround time is 2-3 weeks once order is palced.

What are the sizes of the bear?

Both the Keepsake Bear Urn and the Teddy Bear Urn stand at 50cm tall ( 37cm high sitting) and they are available in the Vintage Brown, Teal Blue and Soft Pink. 

The small keepsake bear is 37cm, while the large vintage brown bear is 60cm.

What countries do you ship to?

We send our custom Cami Bears throughout Australia, NZ, UK and USA. If you wish to send to an alternate country, please get in touch to discuss.

Due to the size of the bears we charge the following shipping fee, this is calculated at checkout (in $AUD)

Camille Cami Bear

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out by phone or email

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Some Love From Our Recipients

Alyse Gallacher
Alyse Gallacher
Camille was just outstanding. From the moment she took my call she was very kind and attentive to the requests we had. It was very time sensitive and she moved mountains to complete this teddy for my family in time for a memorial days later for little Lachlan, which we will forever be thankful for. I would highly recommend. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart Camille 💜
Mikayla Knowles
Mikayla Knowles
Exactly the heartfelt care and compassion needed. The Cami bear is incredibly beautiful and amazing quality. Cannot rate this company highly enough
Sandra Hacking
Sandra Hacking
My bear is Beautiful. So very special. Now I can keep my mumma bear close. Very comforting
Erin Wimshurst
Erin Wimshurst
Camille made the purchase process so easy and she was incredibly thoughtful and kind in her email correspondence with me. Thank you for my Cami Bear
Rachel Pelly
Rachel Pelly
Camille was very easy and kind to work with. She made us a beautiful custom bear which we will treasure.
Michelle Fisher
Michelle Fisher
I just received our Teddy Bear today and what can I say "It is absolutely beautiful" ❤️ . Would highly recommend if you have a loved one who you have lost and would like them that bit closer to your heart to have and to hold. You can definitely tell that these bears are made with love. THANKYOU from the bottom of our hearts our granddaughter will absolutely love this and she will have her daddy with her forever 💕
Skye Andersen
Skye Andersen
I am blown away by the care and finesse that comes from this company. This bear has truly made an impact on my healing journey from losing our son. Thank you Camille for your quality, and your kindness into each of these memorial bears. Will absolutely recommend you if others need the same comfort I needed. Thank you, from Canada 🇨🇦
Shelley Crowe
Shelley Crowe
I ordered a Cami Bear for my daughter when she lost her baby boy. The bear is beautiful. It’s well made, so soft and lovely. It is the perfect place to keep the babies ashes. Thank you so much.
Dani A
Dani A
My beautifully soft bear arrived this morning! I can’t thank Camille enough for creating something so special and unqiue as a way to hold some of my sweet rescue Staffie girl’s ashes. She sadly passed away just over a month ago after a 6mth battle with Lymphoma which has left a huge hole in my heart & life. Camille is so caring & compassionate to deal with. She came up with the perfect way to embroider the paw prints & love heart and called me to make sure I was happy with it. Anyone looking for something unique as a keepsake to provide comfort , I would highly recommend a Cami Bear. Thank you so much Camille, I’m so happy that I can cuddle my girl when I feel sad and really missing her ❤️🐾
Natasha Whyte
Natasha Whyte
Just received our Cami Bear after losing our son at 20 weeks. It’s incredibly well made. Absolutely perfect and the embroidery is beyond our expectations. So unbelievably happy with it

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out by phone or email