Pet Memory Bears to Hold Close

Remember your beloved pet with a handmade memorial teddy

A Pet Ashes Keepsake To Treasure

Losing a pet can be one of the most painful losses to experience. Cami Bears pet memory bears can contain some or all of your pet’s remains so you can keep a piece of them near forever. Pet urns that you can hold in your arms, these teddies offer comfort in this difficult time.

These teddy bear cat urns or dog urns become an original keepsake you’ll always cherish. Camille hand makes each bear with love and personalised so you can always have your beloved pet close by.  She’ll even coordinate with the pet funeral home so everything is taken care of for you.

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Choose From Cami Bear’s Range of Huggable Pet Urns

Select which bear you would like made for you.

Keepsake bear urns: These memory bears for pets contain a small, heart-shaped tin holding up to 1/4 cup of your pet’s cremated remains.

Teddy bear urn: Designed to contain up to 1.2 kg of your pet’s ashes, these memory bears are the perfect size to hold in your arms as you remember your furry friend.

Large teddy bear urn: Cami Bears largest bear, these can hold up to 2.5kg of ashes or treasured keepsakes. These bears are a pet urn you can cuddle whenever you’re missing your pet.

Each bear comes in a variety of colours & includes an embroidered message of your choice.

About Cami Bear

Camille Borgas began making memory bears to support families in their heartbreaking time of loss. After losing her mother, Camille made her first remembrance bear to keep her mother’s ashes near and comfort and support her and her daughter through the loss of her beloved nanny.

This inspired her to begin creating memorial bears for others experiencing the death of a loved one.

Camille has experienced first hand how this has helped people through the grief journey and understands these memory bears could also assist when we lose a loved pet.

Cami Bear now has a range of memory bears for dogs, memory bears for cats or any type of beloved pets. Camille makes each pet memory bear by hand with the same care that she made her mother’s teddy. Her desire is that your bear would bring you peace and comfort as you mourn the loss of your pet.

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Product Range

We offer  a range of small, medium and large bears in a variety of colours and customised options available

Customise your Cami Bear with personal messages and sentimental additions

Talk to Camille

When you order a Cami Bear your order goes directly to Camille, who will hand craft your personalised Cami Bear with love, compassion understanding and prayers to help you through this time. If you need, you can contact her directly.